The Conqueror (Zebra Debut)

The Conqueror - Kris Kennedy Quotes:"What do you think you’re doing?”She lifted the slipper into the air. “My shoes are wet.”The grimness in his face shaded with something else. “What are you doing?” he asked again, his words a deep rumble of masculinity.“I’m going north.” Hot tears pushed against her nose.He nodded, then paused. “That’s a very general area.”You must be pleased with your accomplishments,” she observed sourly.“I would be if my pretty betrothed did but smile at me.” Down went the corners of her mouth. He sighed. “Wine does not agree with you.”“Defeat does not agree with me.”“Nay,” he said, his eyes roaming over her face. “What can I do to ease it?”She pretended to ponder this. “Leave?”