Burning Skies

Burning Skies - Caris Roane When Marcus popped up in the 1st book I knew I would love his character and I couldn't wait to find out when/if his story was out. It is the 2nd book so I was most grateful and happy.Not/Favorite list:+1* the world CR has created, it's very compelling+1.5* Marcus, everything about him+1* Havily, everything BUT the name(I liked the story so much that I won't even bitch about that)+1* the relationship development+1* secondary characters(especially Endelle)-0.5* all that emotionally crying, every damn time I read how one of them would start crying I felt like someone kept screeching in my headAs you can see my swearing problem has been resolved :D the same with the repetitive "WARRIOR". Favorite quote:“I had it brought to my attention a couple of days ago that I was wholly and completely incompetent in my position as Supreme High Administrator. In fact the person who said this to me had the audacity to say I sucked at being an administrator.”Though Endelle spoke with a half smile, and her words were meant to be a sort of joke, a deadly silence fell over the room. The warriors tensed. Even Marcus leaned forward.Havily glanced at Alison, whose empathic skills were at third dimension level, but even she frowned and appeared confused, which confirmed Havily’s belief that the warriors all agreed with Endelle’s statement but were at the same time ready to go to war on her behalf against anyone disparaging her service.Havily loved them for that. She slid her arm around Marcus’s and squeezed. He glanced at her and scowled. You’re not upset about this, he sent, almost like an accusation.She shook her head at him.Santiago rose to his feet, his ruby-encrusted dagger suddenly in his hand. “Name the bastard who would say this to you.”“Well,” Endelle said. “Thank you for the warm gesture of loyalty but it isn’t necessary.” She nodded in some satisfaction. “Actually, the bastard is a she and she is sitting next to Marcus fondling his bicep.”Havily blushed as she glanced down at her hand. Endelle was right. She had been playing with Marcus’s arm without even knowing it.But it was the gasp among the warriors that made her pull away from him.“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Endelle cried. “You know I suck at my job.” That made my day :))