About a Dragon

About a Dragon - G.A. Aiken It's official! I love this series :)) It makes me laugh so hard!Quotes:“How do you live with yourself, Lord Arrogant?”In between using the tip of his tongue to toy with her hard nipples, he answered, “Very easily, Lady Difficult. I find myself quite charming.”“Be grateful for that blood debt, dragon, because I truly believe I would have killed you long ago.”“Now you sound like my mother.”She nodded and stepped away. “Now please take care of yourself. Especially in this weather.”“I will.”“And don’t let Gwenvael goad you into a fight.”“I won’t.”Briec let out a big sigh behind her, but she ignored him. “And be good, Éibhear the Blue.” She rubbed his snout with her hand.“Are you going to tell me to be good as well,” Gwenvael asked.Talaith rolled her eyes. “Oh, why bother?”“It’s polite.”She turned from Éibhear and walked up to Gwenvael. “Perhaps. But you are not. Polite, that is.”“This is true.” He lowered his snout close to her. “Can I get a rub as well?”Laughing, Talaith reached up and rubbed her hand against the scale-covered flesh between his nostrils, successfully avoiding the fresh wound. “You are a beast, Gwenvael the Handsome. And I can’t wait until some female comes along who will make your life absolutely intolerable.”“That’s a lovely sentiment. Could you put that into verse for me?”“He looked like you ripped his heart out of his chest, threw it to the ground, and stomped all over it while singing a jaunty tune.” Annwyl shrugged at Morfyd’s bemused expression. “I might have seen that look before on his brother.”“Perhaps when you stabbed our father?”Annwyl laughed. “No. Then he just looked proud.”Once the couple were gone, Éibhear headed back to the closet, but Gwenvael’s next words caused him to hit himself with the closet door.“What I don’t understand is why everyone keeps hitting me.”“You don’t expect me to walk back to my den, do you?”“But there are horses.”“I have horses.”“You do?”“Of course I do. They’re one of my favorite meals.”