Oracle's Moon (Elder Races Series #4)

Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison OMG! Thea Harrison undid herself! She created such fun, well-written characters in this book(we have to have another one about them :D they have more to say). The great thing is that it didn't end as I feared, thank you gods! This will be one of the books that I'll love to re-read.Favorite quotes(there were more but I was to absorbed in the book to write them down :D): “Come over to the table. Sit with your aunt. I will clear away this mess and…I will achieve pancakes.”Grace’s lovely, tired face wobbled with what looked suspiciously like mirth, but she had been under so much stress he decided his first impression could not be correct. “You’ll achieve pancakes?”“I do not see why not,” he said.“Have you ever achieved them before?” she asked. A touch of liveliness came back into her vivid eyes, and they sparkled.“That question is irrelevant,” he told her, while his eyes narrowed in suspicion on her tired face. On a Djinn, her expression would definitely be laughter. “I will achieve pancakes now.”Grace turned to Chloe. “I’m the one who made the promise. Is it all right with you if Khalil cooks pancakes instead of me?”“Uh-huh,” Chloe said.[and what an achievement =)) you have to read the whole scene to understand it even better :D]His physical form dissolved, and caught by surprise, she fell forward. Her nose squashed in the pillow he had been leaning against, and the hair at the back of her head whipped around as a cyclone rampaged her room. Cautiously she braced herself on one elbow and lifted her head to look around.She had never been very interested in knickknacks, and earlier her small jewelry box had traveled downstairs along with her dresser. That was probably a good thing, since her bedside clock, along with three somewhat dusty paperbacks and the lamp, crashed to the floor. The window curtains blew into knots, all the upstairs doors banged shut then blew open again, and the windows rattled.Somehow the lightbulb in the lamp hadn’t broken. The light shining from the floor threw elongated shadows over everything. The familiar surroundings looked ominous and strange.And he felt absolutely furious.Was he having his version of a shit fit?She sank back down on the pillows and put an arm over her head. She said to the cyclone, “I hope you know you’re picking everything up again and replacing anything you break.”He cursed, and the light flickered wildly as the lamp jerked off the floor and landed back on the bedside table. “You tell me that your sanity and your life might have been in danger, and I find this out days later?”Yep. Shit fit. She told him, “Stop yelling.”She said, “Putting your foot down?”“I can have feet when I choose to.”[Khalil is so droll :))]