Raziel (Fallen, #1)

Raziel (Fallen, #1) - Kristina Douglas 02 FEB: Foreigners do it better! Too many books, too little time, so I DNFed this one.This story had so much potential: it has angels, fallen and not, demons, interesting settings... Unfortunately, I just couldn't make myself read more. I didn't like either character and the pace of the book is so damned slow! I read so much monologue and inner thoughts to last me months! Who the hell cares of your comfort food and why do you have to talk a whole page about it?! And after that you go on describing other crap as well? Why? Raziel is an a-hole, the bad kind... After he left her sleeping on the floor for over an hour and considered leaving her there till she woke up, well, imagine me throwing something out the window and deleting the thing from my laptop. That's not his only problem, but that stayed with me.Allie isn't better. She's self centered and keeps talking about her problems with her mom, like we need a reminder in every chapter. Newsflash: we all have problems you crazy chick! The characters felt flat and, to me, were uninteresting. The writing style was too introspective and the constant jumping between view points didn't entice me to read more. All in all I won't be picking this book up again, nor will I try the others in the series.