Tempt Me with Darkness (Doomsday Brethren)

Tempt Me with Darkness - Shayla Black 1.5*I had hopes for this... It wasn't meant to be...Random.rg, why did you do this to meeeee??This sums up all the characters in this book.I made notes on it and I am too lazy to write a proper review so I'll paste everything here :))-The start would make Anzu burn this :))-"prime male" what 21st Century woman says that?-"He had answered her Mating Call." cringing-I like this world, curing fever with sex. How cool is that?NOTE TO SELF: Find out if it works with headaches-"zounds"?! Are we in Scooby Doo now?! I see no Velma around though.-"When he pushed in once more and felt the mouth of her womb" if I read another.... thing(can't name it anything else) like this one I'm out!-"He’d given her every bit of vigor he could scrape together, every touch his screaming muscles could give. And he had surrendered a part of himself he’d never given another.Had it been enough to help her?" Sex, the ultimate healer!Such a great motto, I think I'll go and bang my head on something very, very hard, maybe a marble tabletop or smth even harder.-“What is going on?” She tensed. Her stare demanded answers. “How did we get…here?”“You were so ill, I feared you would die.”“So you had sex with me? Damn, my head hurts. Wait!” She tensed. At lest they aren't all complete idiots :))-All this 'medieval' talk gives me a headache(ie: methkins, wench, 'tis). You'd think d dude who lived in the world for all those 1500 years, not sleeping, in a coma, stasis whatever, would have accliated with the time[If I were to roll my eyes even more they would get blocked like that.].-I really am pushing myself with this book.-TSTL heroine after all-"magical warrior" laaa-ame!