Mind Games (Disillusionists Series #1)

Mind Games - Carolyn Crane My expression while reading the book: mild disgust with a lot of pity thrown in(the pity is for my eyes btw)After the one day pause I hoped that my memory was just bad or that I was mean with the poor book, but no, still the same... goods.Me, the 2nd time around, looking at the bookA little list with things I liked and didn't like about the book:The "+" list:Didn't forgot about it, I just had nothing to addThe "-" list:the heroine: she should be in a mental institution, not free to walk around mildly normal peoplethe writing: some words thrown in left me... I don't if I should say it... Ok, I will: they made me wish that I had nothing to eat before reading this.I can't say that the idea of the book was bad, but the execution, oh boy!The grand finale:I am the unicorn in this photo, guess who's the idiot man