Lethal Rider (Lords of Deliverance Series #3)

Lethal Rider (Lords of Deliverance, #3 Demonica, #8) - Larissa Ione WARNING: Author of this review will be a total fan-girl!That being said I just love Larissa Ione! I love the way she writes, the characters she creates, the plots she develops, the settings she imagines, I just love everything she types[full-stop].Thanatos is a little bit, let's say... miffed that he was tricked into having sex and he kind of let loose in the end of the last book. Now we fast forward 8 months and he finds out he's a dad. You can understand why he'll be shocked and more then pissed about being kept in the dark by everyone. Regan isn't having a better time of this either: she is scared for her child, she's swamped by remorse and, to add it all up, she feels she can't be a good mother or protect her child so she decided to give him up for adoption. That above is the setting on this novel and you can all understand why it'll be so epic, not that stopping the Apocalypse isn't a big enough battle. I loved how LI handled the emotions of every character in this book, we have fear for your child, love, the feeling of betrayal, self doubt...We have it all. This is by far the best she ever written, not that I don't feel this way with her every new book. Now I can't decide if I should torture myself by reading the first chapter in Resph's book or if I should wait a little for it :))Quotes(it think some of them are a little spoilerish :D):She raised her makeshift stake. “Get out of my way.”He laughed. “Stupid, fat human. You’re no match for me.”“Fat? Fat? I’m pregnant, you walking corpse. I might be fat, but you’re dead.”.....................“So did you get anything else?”“Not a lot. But I can tell you that the kid is big. You’ve easily got a nine-pounder in there. He’s ripping some sort of powerful ability, and he’s obviously picky about who he lets touch his mom.” Shade looked over at Thanatos. “Or not picky.”Thanatos arched a blond eyebrow. “That’s not very professional.”Shade gave Than a droll stare. “I’m a demon. You want professional, haul her over to the Mayo Clinic.”.........................“There’s nothing wrong with the baby or Than or anything. It’s just…” Limos looked down at her bright green nails, which poked out of her fingerless gauntlets.“It’s just what?”Limos shifted her weight and looked at her other hand. “Shiny.”“Limos!”“Fine.”.........................................Wraith sauntered over to her, his blonde vampire mate, Serena, on his arm. “Congratulations, Aegi. If you need any tips on raising a kid, I’m there for you.”“That’s sweet of you.” Serena patted his hand in that universal, yes-dear-I’ll-humor-you way. “But I’m sure Thanatos can mess up a kid as well as you can.”“I doubt that.” Wraith planted a kiss on Serena’s neck, breaking it off when Thanatos punched him in the shoulder.