Rajmund (Vampires in America)

Rajmund (Vampires in America #3) - D.B. Reynolds Joint review with MaruMy rating: 5*Our Sarah and Raj:Maru: Hallo Peeps! We know you can´t get enough of our reviews...so here we are yet again. Aly, you there? Ready to kick some review butt?Aly: Yes! Maru, what did you think of Buffalo, NY?Maru: Boring until Raj gets there. You?Aly: Very strange name for a city :)). But as you said, when Raj gets there, interesting things start to happenMaru: Yes, creepy things were happening, but Raj gets there and everything got SUPER interesting. What did you think of Sarah´s story?Aly: Weird. Can't make up my mind if it was in a good or a bad way...Maru: Yeah me too, it was like you won´t tell the truth even to Cyn...who happens to be your BFF? What about Raj?? Thoughts on him?Aly: Big, sexy and very lovable. I think that covers everything :))Maru: I think this gif, kinda says it all for meor maybe this oneAly: Visual, I like it!Maru: Now, for the story? What did you think of it?Aly: And yes, both of them sum it up nicely. It was ok, I loved the vamp posturing and that we got to see Cyn and Raphael. I always love it when authors give us glimpses of past characters. I didn't like the Kristof dude at all; he was so out of it and weakMaru: Yeah me too, I think it worked very well too for the world building like in every book she adds something and it´s not super out the blue. Yeah!! Dude die already!!Aly: :)) He just didn't know when to give it up already! The same for the sleazy con man, Blackwood or what's his name. He was an ass!Maru: Yes! Woman it´s like you´re reading my mind!Aly: The way he profited of the poor kidnapped girl and Sarah... I have no good insults for that.Maru: Me either...I think he doesn´t deserve more time in our review. Let´s talk about something that does: THE STEAMY SCENESAly: Nymphomaniac you :))Maru: Me?? pleahhseeAly: I have to say that I loved the sexual tension more than the actual sex Maru: Oh my god. It was awesome!!! Since the scenes in books 1 and 2 weren´t WOW I had my concerns.Aly: Raj was really good at what he was doing =))Maru: But good Lord...I want a Raj!Aly: Down girl! What was your favorite scene?Maru: Mmm...the last scene was great and then I think their first kiss was cute. Oh wait! The shower scene!!Aly: *rolling eyes*Maru: You?Aly: Last scene. It was sweet and I just couldn't wait to see how the author would resolve it.Maru: Yep. Wait...what about the epilogue!?!?!?Aly: I was open-mouthed when I read it! And almost had a heart attack :)) I had to start the next book to see what happenedMaru: Me too!! I was like yay more Raj and Sarah, and I was super surprised!! WTF?? I think we should totally start book 4Aly: We can't :)) Wait a little longer, will you? Maru: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok....but let´s hurry with whatever we are reading. Anything else to discuss?? Side characters you liked?Aly: Em! She was crazy and loyal and smart and totally badass! You?Maru: Em too!! I really liked her loyalty and how she teased Raj and he would get all like remember I´m your MasterAly: She had some of the best lines.Maru: And she would be oh, whatever...sorry master.Aly: He had to say something :))Maru: Agreed.Aly: I think that covers everything, and we managed not to give spoilers too :))Maru: Yeah...well except...PEOPLE EXPECT AMAZING STEAMY SCENESAly: And a great story =))Maru: Until next time minions!!! Thanks Aly for your time and snark.