Assassin's Honor

Assassin's Honor - Monica Burns This book had great potential to be an over 5* one, but unfortunately the heroine mucked things up... She was like me after a sleepless night, when I have to go to an exam, outside is raining and I have PMS and feel sorry for myself; I wouldn't have cared so much if it was only 1 or 2 of those moments but she was like this ALL the book! I wanted to strangle her every 3 pgs when it was her POV. She didn't appreciate the hero at all, he almost died 3 times 'cuz she made bad decisions and didn't listen to what he said and she still blamed him. I don't know how her mind works, but she sucks. This being said the world is fascinating, the hero was great and the secondary characters rocked. I know I'll read the next 2 books and I hope there aren't any more characters like TSTL Emma.