Complete Me: A Novel

Complete Me: A Novel - J. Kenner NikkiDamien[from his tennis court]Aly: Hello Maru. We meet again to review one of our buddy reads. Most important question: did you like it?Maru: Yes, I liked it...didn´t love though, I felt like it was 50 shades-ish mixed with Croosfire, but it was really good...and I really liked the hero. What about you?Aly: I did as well, though in my opinon it was more like Crossfire then 50... I really liked the heroine though, she was smartMaru: Yeah, agreed! I loved that about her, she has the beauty (and knows she is beautiful and doesn´t act all "what?? me beautiful??") and the brainsAly: Exactly! And I loved that she let Damien give her presents! None of that "oooh it's too much" and other stuff. It really pisses me of when that happens. The man thinks of you and goes to the trouble of giving you smth and you cheapen it with your bullshit..Maru: Yes!! that was great! It pisses me off too...bc we all love to receive giftsAly: I know I do! And I love beautiful things so I would totally keep them . I'm mercenary like that ;;)Maru: That´s two of us Aly: :)) We're a bad example for teenage girls Maru: Yes, good thing teenagers won´t read our review then...Aly: :))) I wouldn't be so sure Now... The man of the hour: Damien. I love him and his dirty talk!Maru: OMG...yes, he is THE dirty talkerAly: Besides his great voice and mind I enjoyed his generosityAly: He worked a lot for his success and money but didn’t have problems parting with it to make Nikki happy or her friendsMaru: Yes, he was unlike some heroes we read about... I really liked that about him, we are happy together and we can be happy separated (at least for a few hours), and he included her friends, didn´t monopolize her time. So, yeah he was like the perfect boyfriendMaru: Yes. Kudos to the author for that! Another thing I liked of the books, is that they were no cliffhangersAly: Yhea... It's like the author put together the best characteristics in men over the place Aly: I agree with you about the cliffhangers. Though we didn’t wait for the books to come out, it felt good not to be desperate to see if someone died in the 1st chapter of the next book or similar to itMaru: Hahaha....yeah that´s true! Thank God we waited!!Aly: I hate waiting! What did you think of the secondary characters?Maru: Yeah me too....but sometimes curiosity wins . I loved her horndog friend Jamie, though I felt bad for her a bit for not making in Hollywood...and Ollie I´m not sure, he was kind of balls lacking. He was in a relationship bc it was easy and we could tell he really liked Jamie, soooo that´s a new book for the author!Aly: Jamie was a wreck, but a lovable one. Ollie I didn’t like at all! He went on and on about Damine and he cheated on his GF, really?! Shut up you!Maru: Yeah, he pointed out the wrong in others...but dude look at your life first before speaking of othersAly: I hated her mom and his dad! It's like they competed for worst parents in the world, ever!Maru: OMG!!!!! I hated themAly: That covers it Maru: Her mom was a bitch, and his dad...ay ay you say, worst parents in the world award.Aly: I liked what the author did differently then the other billionaire book authors: The painting in book 1 and the idea of the trial in 3…. I loved how outrageous Damien was with the nude!Maru: Really liked that, and then that the heroine wasn´t whinny and hero was not exasperating. Yes, love that too!!Aly: True, true Maru: That was a nice changeAly: I never wanted to slap either of them, not even once!Maru: Yeah, I was thinking of doing a lot of slapping but no...not even once!Aly: I didn't :))Maru: I just thought it was going to be like all the other millionaire turn dom books, but it really surprised me.Aly: Since we started talking about slaping :)) how do you feel about their coping mechanisms?Maru: I felt really sorry for Nikki, that she had to do that in order to be able to go through a lot of stuff (included her mother). What about you?Aly: The same. Though, later on they did well together… If you know what I mean *coough*Maru: Aly: =))))))))) What was your favorite scene? I think mine were: 1st book the airplane scene, when he let her "drive" his plane2nd: at the end, when she did the interview and went after him3nd book: the lingerie storeMaru: Those are my faves as well!! I LOVED the scene in the store! "I found something else you´d like" and Damien appears *swoon*Aly: :))) And quotes?Maru: One sec! let me check...I think most are from book 3 Aly: The same from me, since I forgot to save any from the other 2 Maru: #1 “At the end of the day, it’s just you and me. We make our own reality, Nikki. And no one can take it from us.”#2 “I want to hold you close. To cherish and protect you. To draw you in until we are so close that I am lost within you. I want to take you to bed, to watch the way your skin tightens beneath my fingers, the way your body awakens under my touch. I want to trail kisses over you until you are lost in so much pleasure that you don’t know where you end and I begin. I want to tie you up and fuck you until there is no doubt that you are mine. I want to dress you up and take you out, and show you off, this beautiful, vibrant, brilliant woman. Everything I’ve built? All my companies? All my billions? They have no value compared to you.”Yours??Aly: #1 “But I have a blind spot where you’re concerned, Nikki.”“Aw, really? That’s so romantic.” I cross my arms over my chest. “Get over it.”It made me laugh so hard!And this one: #2 You’re what gives me strength. If I am what centers you, Nikki, then you are what anchors me.DamienI almost melted...Maru: *sigh* I want a Damien....where can I find him??Aly: A lovely way to end the review, IMO :))Maru: :DBonus: