Sophia - D.B. Reynolds Sophia ColinAly: Hello guys! Me and Maru finished the 4th book in the Vampires in America series and wanted to share with you our thoughts. Maru what did you think of it?Maru: I loved that we had so much of Raphael and Cyn!!! Of course both were pure kickass and übber steamy :)) I really enjoyed the story line and how the author continued the world building. What about you Aly?Aly: I liked it for the same reasons, but I wasn't impressed with the main characters, we had too little development for them. How do you feel about the "lovers reunited" theme?Maru: I think the author gave us a lot of background...regarding the lovers reunited...I liked it...I think it was kinda original, but also out of the blue. And how they were separated and why, I wasn´t Sophia´s fan for almost the whole book...then I ended up liking her. You?Aly: I can't say I liked or disliked her... but about the theme, well, I think the author didn't give enough detail for their story. She says why they were apart, but doesn't say how they meet(or I don't remember) or how they were together, for how much time. Too sketchy for me .Maru: Yeah, she only says why and how they separated...even though it was titled Sophia, it revolved more around Cyn and Raphael. I would´ve loved to read more background on their love story.Aly: Yep but I can't say I'm unhappy that we had more Raphael and Cyn. They are my favorite pair! How did you like Colin? :>Maru: Exactly! LOL Yeah I did, I they Sophia and him fit like a couple...if I were him I would´ve made Sophia worked a bit harder to get me back...come on, she acted dead for like 10 years and then she pretends nothing is wrong?Aly: I had the same thought! I get that she's hot, but come on! A little dignity Maru: My thoughts exactly!! But on the other hand, he didn´t have her for 10 years so maybe that´s why he felt his dignity behind Aly: :))))) it's not like he stayed without "woman interaction" Another thing I didn't like was Sophia's sire. He was pathetic and weak and I kept comparing him with Raphael, at least those small moments we saw him Maru: yeah me too! And that poor human he had under his spell.Aly: Yhea! I didn't like that assistant chick either, she was too slavish(is that a word? never mind...)Maru: Yeah...Poor thing, she had her mind fucked with. I think of all the books so far, this is one is my least fave...but I did like all the Cyn and Raphael stuffAly: I feel the same way. It was low on the main couple stuff, but high on Raphael and Cyn Maru: Yes!! Which I loved. So overall 4 stars?Aly: Hmmm then the rating would be a 5* for them and a 3* for Sophia and Colin...Maru: yeah...4.5* bc of the steamy scenes we got from Raphael?Aly: :)))) I'm staying with 4*. Thanks for the attention guys! See you next time.