Duncan (Vampires in America, #5) - D.B. Reynolds DuncanEmmaMaru: And we´re back!! Yes, we know you´ve missed our joint reviews so we´ve decided to grant you another one. Aly, are you read to rock the review world?Aly: As ready as I can be :DMaru: So we´ve finished Vamps in America #5, DuncanAly: How would you describe your feelings for it?Maru: Totally awesome, I can´t believe all the bad boy attitude Duncan had! By the end of the book, I was like...I want one like him! What about you Aly?Aly: :)) you weren't the only one! I didn't expect him to be so… cool!Maru: Yeah me either! I think it´s one of my fave books of the seriesAly: He seemed so standoffish when he worked for Raphael that I was skeptical about his book.Maru: Totally agreed! I thought he was going to be super cynical and cold towards his heroine, but NO, I couldn´t have been more wrong! Any fave scenes?Aly: Hmm… Maybe the one after the fire, it was sweet and hot and... loving I think.Maru: Yes!! I absolutely agree!!! I loved that sceneAly: Since the ones before it were so adrenalin filled this one was a good way to decompressMaru: Anything you didn´t like?Aly: I can't say there was... Just that Emma's friend really was gone. How about you?Maru: I would say Emma´s friend being gone too, it was sad. I liked the storyline with all the lies and deceptions of the political worldAly: How about the villain. Did you expect it to be that one? I didn'tMaru: Not at all!! I was surprised!!! And I love when that happens! Don´t you love it when you´re surprised by the author?Aly: Me too! I didn't like that character in the book, but didn't expect it to turn out like that. If it's a good surprise yes :)) Otherwise.... ;;)Maru: Yeah agreed! LOL Like terrible cliffhangers and having to wait a year to read the sequel...love those not. Sooo back to the story...did you like Duncan as the hero of the book?Aly: I did! I loved his possessive, you-are-mine side. Didn't think he had it in him :))Maru: Me too!! Chica, it´s like you´re reading my mind!Aly: And I didn't expect his power to be that... It was a cool turn. You do the same to me sometimes, so we're cool :PMaru: Anything else you want to discuss?Aly: I think we touched everything... Rating?Maru: 4.5?Aly: Yep.Maru: Awesome! Ok, peeps that´s all for now! We´ll be back shortly!! Try not to miss us a lot.