Hired (Hot Ice, #1) - Lily Harlem 03 MAR: The Avengers Main characters: BrookeLogan TaylorWhy I added the book: It ended up in my TBR pile thanks to a review of a book further in the series that made it sound... good. Another factor was the theme: I love sports novels since I read SEP and Rachel Gibson and I keep hoping and finding others even half as good as theirs. About the book: The story starts with our heroine lamenting about karma and other crap and presenting her life so far. She’s an orphan who lives with her BFF, an escort. That’s not a problem, what really got on my nerves was her holier than thou attitude: she had no problem leaving of her friend and putting money for collage but she got on judging the woman! I mean, how crappy can you be? Her friend then precedes to make her an offer from a client: accompany one of the guy’s hokey players to a private retreat, get 100.000$ for it and keep the guy company. As you can guess she accepts and after 1 day of being there she goes from judging jocks as dumb and useless to liking the guy and wanting to bang him. Obviously she has conscience problems which are very rapidly resolved and they go and “have a relationship”. From all of this you can guess the problems arising so I don’t need to go and spoil everything.The writing wasn’t particularly bad, but in my opinion, it wasn’t good either. The plot was bad. The characters even worse, the heroine at least was piece of work. She wouldn’t have had a problem with staying with the guy and being into a relationship, but she would have kept the lie of how and why she got there. She was judgmental and nutty, kept talking about karma and auras she “saw” and then got into the horoscope. The secondary characters aren't good either and I ended up disliking all of them. Would I recommend the book:All in all I don’t think it’s a good read. It treated all the conflicts superficially and glossed over the important stuff, not even the sex scenes were good. There are a lot of novellas out there that really deserve to be read, but this isn’t one of them. I will not continue with this series… Final rating: 2*-2.5*