Heart of Obsidian

Heart of Obsidian - Nalini Singh People who don't give this 5* or more, haven't read the same book that I did, seriously. Brandi Carlile - The StoryBrandi Carlile - The Story lyricsSong reminds me of the hero and heroine of the bookPinterest board with the book, it might have spoilers :DI have no idea what to say that would do this book justice. Nada. It's perfect! Nalini always writes amazing, heart-wrenching stories, but this... wow. I was caught from the begining, through the end: I cried(a lot, I have the headache to prove it:D), I laughed, I was in awe... what's more to say? Me, at the beginning of the book: please be awesome.Me, at the end of the book: please, don't end!