Supernatural - Larissa Ione, Alexandra Ivy, Jacquelyn Frank, G.A. Aiken Overall: 4*5* for Vampire Fight Club by Larissa IoneNate and Lena were both very cool and the brief appendices of the demon brothers were awesome! I wish I saw Wraith fight in that underground club :DI was so intrigued over the brief cameo of Thanatos :X I had no idea that he could do that! 3.5* for Darkness Eternal by Alexandra IvyI liked Ureil a lot, in this novella and in the others he was in. With Kata I was unimpressed.PS: Loved the lavender eyed Jinn 2.5-3* for Kane by Jacquelyn FrankI knew what happened with them, nothing new in this novella. Besides the small information abut Adam(so curios to see what happened with him).5* for Dragon on Top by G.A. AikenA very funny read, I loved to learn more about the Seadragons.