Wrong Bed, Right Guy (Come Undone, #1)

Wrong Bed, Right Guy (Come Undone, #1) - Katee Robert Buddy read with MarulettIt was an enjoyable way to pass time, I loved the way the story started, but then the heroine started talking more... I couldn't stand her! She was a judgmental and stuck up witch! Always going on and on about how she likes tattoos but, paradoxically, can't stand guys who have them! She as a stupid idea that if you have body ink you're not reliable... I mean really?! What world do you live in?!The hero, Gabe, was too god for her. He was protective and forgave all he stupid assumptions and insults. I would have done it, regardless of how good the chemistry or the bed play was. He even went and bought her a painting she wanted and couldn't afford as a way to, watch this, as forgiveness 'cuz she didn't give him enough time to explain about a manager that kissed him on the cheek. I would have liked the novella more if the heroine didn't have so many idiot preconceptions.