Rainshadow Road (Friday Harbor)

Rainshadow Road - Lisa Kleypas This book is amazing, Lisa Kleypas at her best. I'll be eternally grateful to my friend Madu for recommending me one of her books years ago. Whenever I read a book of Lisa's I get sucked in and forget about the outer world, I get so immersed in the story and the characters that every time I am amazed when someone interrupts me. I don't have enough words of praise for this book so I'll stop now :))Favorite quotes:“Do you need to … calm down?” she asked delicately.Sam shook his head, rueful amusement flickering in his eyes. “Let’s just assume this is my default mode during showertime. Don’t worry—I still won’t make any moves on you.”“I’m not worried. I just don’t want you to drop me.”“Sexual arousal doesn’t rob me of physical strength,” he informed her. “Brainpower, yes. But I don’t need that to help you shower.”“Lucy,” he whispered, “I don’t think I can let you leave me again. You’ll have to take me with you.”“I’m not leaving,” she whispered back. Her palm slid to the center of his chest, the morning light catching the sparkle of an engagement ring and causing brilliant flecks to dance on the wall. “I know where I belong.”PS: It is a little... deferent then the other contemps out there, I'll let you guys discover how.