Eternal Rider (Lords of Deliverance Series #1)

Eternal Rider - Larissa Ione 5*+++Larissa Ione has surpassed herself! I loved this book!Cara was on hell of a heroin. She is courageous, funny and sarcastic. Ares is a walking legend(an wet dream) and he is so sweet when he doesn't know what to do with her or his emotions...Fav qoute:There was another long silence, and then, “Did you love your wife?”He smiled, but she couldn’t have seen it. “Love was never part of our life. It was an arranged marriage. My wife knew what was expected of her, and she pleased me well enough.” “Well… enough? Sounds like it was fun to be her.” “She had a good life.” It was her death that was the atrocity. “No need to be outraged on her behalf. I didn’t beat her, I allowed her to spend coin on luxuries, and I didn’t take mistresses.” “How considerate of you.”He turned to Cara, reached out to brush a wind-blown lock of hair off her face. “It had nothing to do with being considerate. Truly, I was a bastard. I simply had no interest in women. Fighting was my life.” He waggled his brows. “The Greek god, Ares, is based on me.” She rolled her eyes. “That must have been an ego boost."“I miss the days of the Greek empire. It was cool being a god.” He sighed. “Then the single-deity religions came along and ruined everything.” “Gee, I’m so sorry.”