Curse the Dawn (Cassandra Palmer Series #4)

Curse the Dawn - Karen Chance No words. Just pictures.One of the amazing quotes from the book:“Sorry. It’s just—there’s a problem with the bathroom.”“What problem?”“There’s no toilet.”“This is an old house,” Pritkin said, like that explained anything.“And they didn’t need to pee in the past?” I demanded.He groaned and threw an arm over his face. “There’s a WC down the hall.”“A what?” I asked, a little desperately.“A water closet. It’s in a separate room.”“Why? Why not put it in the—”“Because a bathroom is where one goes to bathe, hence the name.”“That’s bizarre.”“No, Miss Palmer,” Pritkin said savagely. “It isn’t. What is bizarre is that I currently have a vagina.”Me while reading the bookMe after finishing the book