Embrace the Night (Cassandra Palmer Series #3)

Embrace the Night - Karen Chance I really love this series! I didn’t think I would, hence the starting late part, but now I can’t put it down! I like KC’s writing style and the way she constructed her world. In this one Cassie is trying to find a very valuable book, the Codex Merlini, and has some… shocks along the way. We find a lot of info about Pritkin and why he is as he is(I still like Mircea a lot more btw). On a different note: you won’t believe who he is! An what! I was “Say again?! Didn’t register well the first time. Oh damn, I DID read it like that.” Pritkin’s solution to stress:The time jumps are great and you can see a bit of KC’s historical degree, they seem very accurate and, thanks to her, I started to read some history articles, but I digress. This book has everything that I start to expect from KC, the only thing that I wish was different is Mircea’s appearances. I want more of him damn it! Cassie’s reaction to her clothes problem :D