About That Night (FBI/US Attorney Series #3)

About That Night - Julie James I am happy to say that this one is one of Julie James' best book, like all her other ones :DKyle is a sweetie, he's not the devil may care playboy he seems. I love how attentive and imaginative *wink* he is. Rylann is a tough AUSA who has a spotless reputation. Their relationship moves at a fast pace, but is very believable at the same time. I can't wait for the next JJ book, I know it would be a blast!QUOTES:“Oh my God, you’re trying to impress her. That is so cute.”“Don’t be ridiculous,” Kyle scoffed. “I just thought, since I’ve heard such good things about the wine, that I would give it a shot.”Jordan gave him a look, cutting through all the bullshit. “Kyle. She’s going to love it.”Okay, whatever. Maybe he was trying to impress Rylann a little. “You don’t think it’s too much? Like I’m trying too hard?”Jordan put her hand over her heart again. “Oh. It’s like watching Bambi take his first steps.”[...]“Sounds like something out of Lost,” Dex said.“Exactly.” Jack cocked his head and looked at Kyle. “Hey, has anyone ever told you—”“Only people who need to get lives, since the show ended two years ago,” Kyle growled.[that one is NEVER getting old :))]