Hard Evidence (I-Team Series #2)

Hard Evidence - Pamela Clare TessaJulianMaru: Hallo Peeps!! We are back!! Yes Aly&Maru reviewers extraordinaire are back in your lives, reviewing Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare. Aly are you ready to roll??Aly: Yes... What did you think of the whole idea of the plot?Maru: I think it was really good, though sometimes it was like she want to get hurt, but hey if you had a guy like Julian watching your back...who wouldn´t want to get hurt? What about you?Aly: I kind of loved it. She really talked about the horrendous thing named human trafficking. She didn't romanticized it like other books we know *cough*the dark duet*cough*Maru: What I really liked was how the author managed to get me hooked in the story right away. I really like her writing style. As for the side characters, what did you think?Aly: Her paper frinds were hilarious! Especially when they staked out her car Maru: OMG!! Yesss!!! Hahaha I laughed a lot in that partAly: I couldn't belive they did that! :)))Maru: Yeah me either!!Aly: They were crazy!Maru: Yes! But they were worried for their friendAly: How about Julian? What did you think of him?Maru: OMG...do we have time?? I loooooooved himAly: :)))Maru: I was fanning myself all the time. Loved the shower scene...What about you?Aly: Which one?!Maru: When they hook up in the shower? I think it´s like the 2nd time they hook upAly: I meant that there were more shower scenes Maru: LOLAly: Not only 1Maru: Ok, I´m slow today....and all the scenes were AH-MAZINGAly: Hmm.. I liked him: he was the perfect brooding hero.Maru: Yes, he was....Aly: Which 3 words would you use to describe Julian, Tessa, the story?Maru: Heart-racing, Nerve racking and hawt!! You?Aly: which of them?Maru: For the book as a whole Aly: Julian: brooding, hot, protectiveMaru: Agreed!Aly: Tessa: Relentless, smart, generousMaru: Agreed as wellAly: the story...hmm... interesting, heart-wrenching, full of adrenaline. Now you say it :DMaru: Julian: protective, intelligent and ubber hotTessa: witty, stubborn and smartassBook: I´ll repeat what I said before: Heart-racing, Nerve racking and hawt!!Aly: I agree! What was your favorite scene?Maru: Towards the end, when Julian declares his love for Tessa. You?Aly: The epilogue when all of them meat and finish the roof Maru: Oh, that too!! Loved the part where the guys are all "Let´s take our shirts off"Aly: Yes!!!!!! If I were one of the girls I would have fainted :))Maru: I would have auto-combusted when Julian took his shirt and splashed water over his sexy bod.Aly: woooh. If you could change anything in the book, what would you?Maru: Mmm...nothing I think it´s perfect as it is. The heroine wasn´t weak at all, she was super kickass and the hero well...he was to die for...so it worked for me. Would you change anything?Aly: Hmm... It's SPOILERY: I would not have let Margeux die but stuck her in prison forever! I am a sadist :))Maru: Hahaha...yeah that would´ve been ok with me too...she deserved to suffer a bit moreAly: Anything to add? I don't.Maru: Me eitherAly: All in all it was a gripping book and I know I'll continue reading this series and books from this author.Your rating?Maru: 5 stars Aly: I am giving a 4-4.5* It was good but not great. :DMaru: Ok, that´s all folks!! Thanks for joining us and keep your eyes open for another joint review!!!