Simply Sexual

Simply Sexual - Kate Pearce 04 APR: Beauty and the Beast3.5*Buddy read with MaruOur Valentine and Sara, after… you have to read and imagine for yourselvesAly: Dear ladies and gentlemen, we've gathered here today to discuss Simply Sexual, the 1st novel in the "House of Pleasure" series, by Kate Pearce. Now Maru, what did you think of it?Maru: OMG, it was the most intense book I´ve read in a while!! I couldn´t stop reading!! What about you?Aly: The same! Besides that I love that the author didn't use the insta-love thing; It drives me insane reading books like that :)) Especially HRs or contemps, in PNR and, maybe, Romantic Suspense it can be more acceptable, but the others…Maru: Yes!! I loved that!! They fall in love as the story develops, though I don´t mind the Insta love..that´s why it´s called fiction Aly: Maybe, but I want it to feel a little bit real, not much, just some strokes of reality make it better.The epilogue ;)Maru: Agreed!!Aly: What did you think of Valentin and Peter's past?Maru: It was heartbreaking, and really didn´t see that one coming! What about you?Aly: I didn't, either! I loved how the heroine took it though: no hysterics and "oh, what will the people thiiink??", she just thought of her husband.Maru: Yes!! In her actions was reflected how deep her love for Val was. I really like Sara as a heroine, she wasn´t winy at all!Aly: Yhea, she tried to solve her problems and didn't wait for divine intervention. I really like the bro-love between Val and Peter, you don't see that in many HRsMaru: It´s like you´re reading my mind Aly...again!! Val and Peter´s relationship was really deep, I mean hallo they were slaves together.Aly: My favorite part: what did you think of the inventive sex? I'll never look at pearls the same way EVER again!Maru: I loved that about the book!! They were SUPER inventive...yeah me either...I was reading that part and I was like....she is doing what?? Didn´t know you could do that. I felt it was more contemp erotica than HR, the other HR we read weren´t like this at all!! And all the oh my....Aly: :)))))) I know what you mean, I have no idea where the author researched it, bud am I glad?!Maru: Hahaha, yeah me too!! I´ll take notes on the inventiveness Aly: please share them :)))Maru: What did you think about Val´s relationship with his father? ahahaha I will Aly: dysfunctional.... I hope it'll get better, since both of them made mistakes.Maru: yeah me too!! It broke my heart a little, it´s so important to have a good relationship with your family...well at least for me Aly: For me as well . All in all we really liked it, no? I really wanted it to be longer though.Maru: Yeah, it was a very promising start!! Since book 2 is about Pete, they may make an appearance...fingers crossed!Aly: I second that! Your rating?Maru: 4.5* stars, yours?Aly: 4*