Storm Born

Storm Born - Richelle Mead What to say, what to say :D I think I'll take some of the characters and say what I really think about them :))Dorian is so cool and sexy and smart! I get why so many people are kind of fascinated of him. I even like his scheming problem :PEugenie is annoying. She has to be in the book since it's about her but if she disappeared I wouldn't miss her much. I like her powers though and that's about all...Kiyo is a low life fox. A bastard who fathers a child and the, conveniently forgets to mention it when he shacks up with another woman. I don't understand what E finds interesting and worthwhile in him, besides his cute little fox form. Though that would be so easily resolved, she can find a pet at any moment. Voulusion is wicked cool =)) he and I would get along famously since both of us want E dead ;;)All in all I will start the next book in no time :)PS: I don't get why Eugenie is so obsessed with guns! Can't she learn to fight with something that isn't functional for a short period of time?! Like, for example a sword or even a knife, a rapier something, anything else.