Reaper's Property

Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde Buddy read with Sara and MaruWhile reading the THING I kept asking myself if me and my GR friends who gave 4 or 5* read the same book, I'm still not sure. Now, about the review, I'm to lazy to write a proper one, but here are my notes :D*This... thing smacks of slavery, and not the consensual one.*TSTL heroineYes Marie, to you I'm talking!*One of the magnificent examples of... charm and extended vocabulary. Don't click if you're not 18.“This is my pussy,” Horse said, reaching up inside me with two fingers, rubbing against my inside wall purposefully. I shivered. “I’ll fuck it when I want and how I want. We party with the club and I get horny, you spread for me and you don’t bitch about it. That means against a wall, on the floor, in the middle of the fucking grocery store, you give it to me when I want or this deal is off. Get it?”She's actually feeling bad because he's treating her badly, and she makes excuses for him too.*Dearie you're like so smart. You go on saying stuff like this "Once again, the badass biker was a mystery. He issued threats, carried a gun that I was pretty sure he knew how to use, and he let his little niece name his dog after a mermaid." when you know he had 2 tours with the Marines. *Oh my Goddess! She keeps making excuses for him and it's driving me insane!*Somewhere along the way she actually thanks him he doesn't want to share her with his mates, I don't know what would have happened if he wanted to and she didn't.*The whole book is dysfunctional! The characters, their "love" story, their friggin' belief system! And I think they are selling drugs and arms, at least... The gang might be trafficking something else though, but I'm not sure. And yes, I am supposed to respect and/or identify with any of them in some small way to like the thing and, for the life of me, I can't!Me while reading the book*After this book I'm not touching another book, movie or TV show with biker gangs with a 10 feet pole! Maybe if I get paid, though I am not sure even that would be enough for all the time I loose reading it... otherwise I won't do it! For anybody!*I debated giving it 1 or 2*, but it annoyed and disgusted me so much that I would give it 0* if I could! After reading this notes I am sure everyone is asking themselves why I stuck with it after everything... The answer is quite simple: I wanted to see if it could get worse. And it did, so much...PS: Some of the pictures are from my amazing Dark Side Girls' reviews or comments :DEDIT: The more I think of how much I hated the book, the more I remember distasteful scenes.