Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11)

Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11) - Lara Adrian Main characters: MiraKellan ArcherWhat I Liked: It’s a fast-paced book after you get over the start. The story happens 20 years after the last book ended, where the Breed is out and a lot of wars were fought over their differences from the human race. It takes a while to illustrate the changes of the new world in general and the Order in particular, though fascinating to read. Mira is now a tough chick who is respected by her peers, we don’t see the little girl who was adopted, we see a woman full grown who is in control of her world and carrier. Without getting in to details, all I can say about Kellan is that where he ended up is… unexpected. Besides the new cast of young characters that we’ve mostly never met(besides Mira, Kellan and Nathan) we also get small updates on some of the other characters, we see how their lives are different, but also how they remain true to themselves and their friends. I liked the story and the overall plot of this new ARC, though I was skeptical of it when I picked a little ahead(ok.. I read the epilogue and last chapter at the middle of the book, the curiosity was killing me!). I didn’t belive Ms. Adrian could turn that into an enjoyable and, at the same time, believable for the world she created. There are some twists and turns that you could never guess at!What I didn't like: It took me at least 30-35% of the book to get into it. I rolled my eyes and had a lot of “wtf people” moments through that third of a book. After that it was great!Favorite character: Mira. She’s a strong woman, smart, who succeeded in a world dominated by men. She’s also feminine and knows when to forgive.My least favorite character: This is a spoiler, let’s just say he’s and megalomaniac a-hole! Besides that his homophobic and homicidal and thinks mass murder is an ok thing, only when it doesn’t happen to his own species, like that it’s a good excuse! Favorite scene: This is a tough one… BIG SPOILER AHEADI loved the part where Kellan wakes up and understands that he didn’t die and that he’s actually alive. I loved reading it after what Ms. Adrian put me through with those few pages!Would I recommend the book: Definitely! I don’t think it could be read and enjoyed as a first in a new ARC/series, there are too many subplots and scenes from the other books that make this one a great read, to be understood. It’s a marvelous new installment in the series and I loved reading it.Final rating:4.5*