The Bookstore

The Bookstore - Deborah Meyler ARC courtesy of Edelweiss and Gallery BooksUnfortunately I DNFd this book. The blurb sounded great: a woman who moved to New York City to write her PHD and through a series of unfortunate circumstances she starts working in a used bookstore. I expected quirky and sweet. That wasn’t what I got…The heroine bordered on the Mary Sue type, she just let her idiot older boyfriend walk all over her and I didn’t have the patience to see if she wised up. The writing style was more about telling then showing and I just had enough of descriptions over descriptions. Most of the secondary characters seemed a little flat and I really tried to like them and to care what happened to them but I just couldn’t.All in all I might have liked the book if I were in a better mood or, I don’t know, didn’t have such high expectations of it. PS: I mostly downloaded the ARC for the pretty cover[I never learn]