The Mating (Law of the Lycans)

The Mating  - Nicky Charles 01 JANMain characters: EliseKaneAbout the story: It was an ok story, I wasn’t impressed with it though. The author didn’t give many details about the characters or the world and what she did give seemed only thrown in, to fill pages up. The story centered around Kane and Elise that had an arranged mating and now are trying to make things work. The author didn’t convince me of their commitment to each other and since both of them jumped to conclusions, didn’t communicate and assumed everything was exactly how they thought… well… I see them divorced in 5 years.The writing felt very dry, like the author was writing for a newspaper and was reporting on the weather, rather than telling a story about 2 people in love. She made the heroine too naïve and easily influenced and the hero disinterested in her. All in all this book was a disappointment for me.Favorite character: I don’t have any, though Helen was nice and gave good advice. No character left a lasting impression with me.My least favorite character: Marla is the most despicable character in the story. She was selfish and interested in only her well being and didn’t care who she hurt. Final rating: 3*