Can You Keep a Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret? - Sophie Kinsella Gender: Chick LitHero: Jack HarperHeroine: Emma CorriganRating: 5* Wow I so didn't expect to like this book. But I did!!!I was putting this off for 2 or 3 weeks since my good friend Madu told me about it. And today I decided to take it with me on the train. It was a blessing and a curse: I loved it! I had so much fun reading it and I was so happy that there are other goofy people out there :D. That was the blessing, the bad thing was: I read it on a frigging train and I wanted to laugh and I couldn't and when I did I tried to cover it, but lets face it, how many times can you cough until people start looking alarmed that maybe you have some infectious disease. Emma was such a normal person with problems and insecurities. I loved the part where she blurted all her secrets to a stranger :D It's so much easier to stuff like that to a complete stranger then someone you know :)) Ill stop here because I feel the urge to tell spoilers and some people I know don't like this :D