Claim (Bonds Book 2)

Claim (Bonds Book 2) - Sierra Cartwright This was soooo good. I couldn't put the book down, not joking!

Kennedy is an amazing dom and human being and I totally want him al for myself :D He is a bit pushy and he's excellent at being sneaky and seductive and, seriously, I want him all for myself :D

I liked that Mackenzie didn't let herself be pushed around by and didn't give in to his high-handed demands(I totally would have :D). She's a bit emotionally stunted, but in the end she sees the light.

The sex scenes were really hot. I could feel their chemistry from their first meeting. There were no awkward fumblings for them. With every scene they got closer, despite Mackenzie's wish that it wouldn't happen.

I can't wait for Ms. Cartwright to write Julien's story, I hope she does at least.