Slave to Sensation

Slave to Sensation  - Nalini Singh December 2013 read
Buddy review with Maru

Our Sasha(It’s not perfectly like in the series[besides the eyes], but when we saw the picture, it just clicked!)

Our Lucas(he’s so intense! *rowr*)

1. The whole world
Nalini does world building like nobody’s business! It’s so complex and well done and it never bores me. Besides, since I am re-reading it the thousand time I know how amazing it gets later on :D
2. The MCs
Sasha is such a loving person and, maybe in spite her upbringing, she can connect so well with everybody… I love her character :)
Lucas is a firce protector and makes my panties melt :D the moment he decides she’s his he stops at nothing *sigh* I want a Lucas in my real life :D
3. The Pack
The interactions between them, the closeness and, at the same time, individuality is… I have no idea how Nalini does it, but it’s so believable. At every moment I expect them to step out of the book and live.
4. The Psy-Net
The concept is so interesting and I can’t wrap my mind around it. And the visual is great, every time I look out the window at night it reminds me of it.
5. Tamsyn’s Cooking
OMG every time it was mentioned I started salivating!
Bonus: The cubs!
They were the sweetest things!
My message to anyone who hasn’t read it

1- Lucas
He has clear what he wants and will do anything to get it. He is protective of those he loves and his character has a depth I was not expecting when I first read the book.
2- The world building
Hats off to Nalini Sighn, I think she is one of the world builders ever!! It leaves you wanting more and she reveals everything on a need to know basis, so it´s guaranteed the book will pick your curiosity and make you start the next one
3- The pack dynamics
I liked how they take care of every member and how they work together, I can´t wait to read more about the ins and outs of the different packs
4- How the love story develops (loved the dreams)
I thought it was going to be lust at first sight, bam bam thank you ma´am...but no!! It was frustrating, it was heart-racing and it was so worth it.
One thing I LOVED were the dreams *fans self*
5- How finally Sasha allows herself to feel
I liked it when she finally let´s go and embraces her feelings, it was a huge turn over in the story
Extra likes: the t-shirt scene and Hawke

1 - Psy-council
Like every power group they don´t give a shit about anything but themselves and I hated that they didn´t do a thing regarding the killings
2 - Sascha´s Mum
She underestimates Sascha a lot and doesn´t support her, I get that the psy don´t feel but me gusta

Ok, I know this is lame, but I loved everything :D even the Nikkta
After trying very hard I found 2 :D
1. The Psy Council
They suck ass! I hate how they try to manipulate everything

2. The killer
He’s a true psychopath and creeped me out. I wish he hadn’t killed Dorian’s sister, it makes me cry when I thinking about poor him *dashes tear*

A very, very lazy Lucas

Our Rating: image
A message for Nalini:

The 3rd or maybe 4th reading:D
It still can make me cry *sigh*

Love you Nalini for being such a cool writer :*