Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12)

Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12) - Kresley Cole 3rd read: August 2014
Still really love this book :)

2nd Read: April 2012

1st read: January 2012
I just finished the book and know that whatever review I could write won't do it justice. It was spectacular! One thing that I loved, among many others that is, is that KC hasn't changed Lothaire or tried to mellow him or make him seem more... normal. He is as cray-cray as he's ever been and as ruthless, but we do see his charming side[yes, he has one:D] and the very, extremely arrogant one.

That being said I just saved some of the quotes that I thought that were not spoiler-ish :D

Cool new motto :D <‘We can always murder them later, but we can’t bring them back.’>

“You defy me, when I’m already on the verge of rage? I could kill you so easily.”
“But you won’t.”
“I might. Though I won’t intend to. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m quite mad.”
In a deadpan tone, she said, “I think you’re just misunderstood.”
Double take from the vampire.[she's so crazy to play with him =))]

“I’m superlative in every way.”[totally agree to that one Lothaire hon]

This might be a little spoilerish though...His shoulder muscles knotted. “What do you remember?”
“Jumbled bits up to a point, then nothing. Anyhow, I’m past it.”
“How could you possibly be?”
“I have something to look forward to.” In a solemn tone, she said, “I’ve decided, Leo, that I’m gonna keep you.”
Though everything within him was in turmoil, he calmly said, “Have you, then?”
“Even if you’ve been the biggest dick imaginable.”
He glowered at that. “Insolent chit.”[they crack me up!]

No one would ever harm the female in his arms, not even himself.[and many people who know me ask themselves why I don't want a boyfriend? If he can't be and think like that I'll make do without one, thank you very much.]

When she drew back, panting for breath, he rasped, “Look at your expression. You’re falling in love with me.”
She could scarcely think, but for some reason she didn’t want him to have that power over her. “I’m not falling in love with you.” I might be falling in love with you.
“Of course you are.”
Guard your heart! “I-I never said that.”
“Ah, but I’m me.”
“Lothaire, are you always so danged chatty during sex? I can make tea. . . .”[I don't think I've read something like this anywhere before! KC is the best!]

“Are you trying to make me feel guilty so you can manipulate me?”
He blinked. “Of course. Now, tell me you love me.”[I know it's wrong and that I'm cray-cray but I find him charming :D]

And with that my quote quest is up...

PS: We see a side of Nix that we've never seen before.
PPS: I can't wait to re-read it, KC's best book!

EDIT: A friend said that Lothaire reminds him of Dante from the manga/game/anime Devil May Cry and after I googled him I sooo agree :D

Lothaire on his New York penthouse balcony?