Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11)

Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11) - Nalini Singh 2nd read: October 2014
Buddy read with Maru and Sarah
I love all the characters Nalini creates...

1st read: May 2012
I loved it! I know some people complained that it was slow at the start, that they hadn't cared about the main characters, but I absolutely loved everything! There isn't a thing that I disliked.

I loved:
-Riaz: he was a little bit of a bastard at the start, but as I read more I understood why so I forgave him fast :D he is so open and loving with Adria that it makes me love him even more then I thought I would
-Adria: we knew more about her story from Indy and Drew's book so I sympathized with her: trying to be less to please someone is utter bull, but when you think you love him/her and you feel indebted to him/her you do stupid things... The way she cared about Riaz, that she would have given him up and with him her happiness made me respect her a lot.
-The visits in Mercy and Riley's lives was great, it reminded me of how much I loved their relationship(and made me want to re-read their book:D), the same happened with Sienna and Hawke(to see them stable and growing to be so much more together then when they were apart was eye-opening; it also made me want to re-read their books:)) )
-Seeing more of Vasic and Aden, whom I both love and am fascinated with, made me a happy camper.
-Kaleb, I can't say enough about him :)) he just is... and I think the next full novel will be his(which will rock with action)
-Alice was also intriguing, I think what we can find out from her will be a stunner! I think she knows a lot about the Arrows, and the person who created them *cough*Zaid*cough*

I am running out of adjectives and adverbs here so I'll stop while I still have my dignity intact :D

How I looked after finishing the book[imagine a human instead of a cat, even though he isn't as cute]
From all of my raving above you can understand my main thought: I adore this series, those characters and Nalini Singh for creating them.