Fair Game

Fair Game  - Patricia Briggs 1st read: July 2012
OMFG! I iz speechless here! That Gray Lord Prince was awesome! I so didn't expect that! The ending was EXPLOSIVE!

Exactly what the Fae did to the prejudiced humans, if you ask me

This was a great installment by Patricia Briggs. I loved(never was good a literary stuff so I use bluet-points:D):
-Anna: her growth from the scared wolf from the prequel to this book is a lovely thing to watch. The way her bond with Charles and her confidence in his love for her was a very important part in this book.
-Charles: the different men he is with Anna makes all these books so good(since we know what he is for his father)
-Bran: I liked him from his first appearance in Mercy's series. He is very stubborn and smart and the way he can argue with himself is always funny.
-the story: the tension and all those clues dropped from beginning to the end engaged the reader(aka me) and made me more involved with the story
-all those other secondary characters, most importantly the werewolf alpha from Boston

Bonus pic:

I wonder sometimes if 1/2 of the world population would survive if this happened(yes, feeling bitchy and I don't care)

2nd read: January 2013
That last chapter... still as good as the first time!

3rd read: August 2014
Bran... Bamby pancakes? Seriously?! =))))))))))