Jealous And Freakn'

Jealous And Freakn' - Eve Langlais The 2nd book in the very funny "Freakn' Shifters" series has Naomi's BFF as a main character, Francine. Her partners are Naomi's brother who's a bit of a prude and set in his ways wolf shifter Mitchel and Janvier's(one of Naomi's mates) brother Alejandro(jaguar *swoon*).

It's funny to see how Mitchel finally realizes that he actually wants Francine and he really doesn't consider her another sister. Meanwhile, Francine almost gives up on him, but as a last ditch resort, she decides to make him jealous with Alejandro. I couldn't stop laughing the whole book. Francine and Alejandro are dirty talkers and have a great sense of humor. Seeing them bantering cracked me up repeatedly.

Mitchel wasn't happy at all with Francine's decision of dating Alejandro so, again, hilarity ensured. We see him kind of stalking them and then we see Francine crashing his fuck date with a crazy shifter. In the end he sees the light and we have the lovely hea with the polyamoous twist :)