Taking Shots

Taking Shots - Toni Aleo 2.5*

I swear to god that these have to be the mos fucked up characters I have ever read! She's a stupid neurotic bitch and believes her fucking sister that always does anything she can to hurt her, instead of her boyfriend who couldn't wait to introduce her to his family and takes care of her and loves her! She doesn't even talk to him! Besides all this I hate the way she fucking talks. If I see one more "golly" or "ain't" and her frigging giggling at every stupid crap I'm going to have an aneurysm!

And the stupid male has more estrogen then any woman ever will! He always talks about his feelings, he takes more then 30 min to dress, he is a fucking wuss and cries all the fucking time since they broke up! He's codependent to his twin sister and he needs her to tell him what he feels for the heroine.

What the hell?! I'll try to read book 2 because I promised Maru, but if it's anything like this one I won't finish it.