The Affair: Week 4 - Forbidden Fruit

The Affair: Week 4 - Forbidden Fruit - Beth Kery It was a mostly ok read, the sex scenes had some BDSM lite aspects, the characters were good. It was all going well and then bam! poor word choices run us over again:
*who says "he sawed his finger in her" is he fucking cutting a tree?
*outside a sex scene "he palmed her jaw", it sounds so bad, how about a better synonym, please?
*"frothing boiling of lust" OMG kill me now!
*"Her flesh turned to warm, sweet syrup" what the hell?

If that shit didn't happen so often I would have given it a 3.5 even a 4* rating. But I repeat: what the hell?! I'll continue it since I'm curious and I'm also a glutton for punishment, I'm really hating those parts of me though. I need another break till I read part 5.

In conclusion: