Beyond Addiction

Beyond Addiction - Desiree Holt 3.5*
There are non consent scenes... A big part of the plot is actually built around it.

Let me tell you about our TSTL heroine. She gets saved from an abusive relationship and builds her life back. It sounds good right? Abuse survivors and all that... Well, unfortunately she is a fucking IDIOT!
-A sane person would go to therapy after this. She didn't.
-A sane person who knows she's been conditioned to humiliation and she's been drugged doesn't go back to her abuser after more then 1 and 1/2 years after she escaped. Not Fallon.
The stupid chick went back to him! What's wrong with you??? You know he drugged you, you know! But after lunch with him, with his own bottle of wine, that wasn't open in front of you, you decide to let him set up a BDSM scene??? After he beats her[because that's what it was!] what does the genius do? She decides it's a good idea to go to his house, because that's just a smart thing to do.

Rant over.

Thank god this was actually a romance and she has a strong support system and she gets out a 2nd time... and there is a HEA, though IMO idiocy shouldn't be rewarded. And no, the HEA is not with the abusive fuck...

I liked the writing style, mostly, and the story is alert and has a good flow. I am sure that I'll try another book from this author, but I'll totally read the blurb with more attention next time

PS: If anyone could explain to me the psychology behind this I would love to hear it, but I just don't understand.