Bared - Stacey Kennedy Buddy read with Jo
It was better then the 1st book, but it still drove me a bit crazy...

In the 1st chapter the author completely murdered the male POV. There was no chance of revival and that's when I knew I had to take a break, read another book and come back to this one after. Reading an AMAZING historical romance really helped calm me down, otherwise this review would have gone differently.

I liked both characters, mostly. Cora is a selfless submissive who damages herself emotionally to help the man she has fallen in love with. Aidan is a great guy who has gone through an enormous loss and, after 5 years, still hasn't completely healed. It was great watching them together and seeing how they complemented each other.

There were some glitches, the heroine couldn't STOP talking about her frigging "loins" and the hero was obvious to some things happening around him, but all in all I didn't feel that I had to punch anyone in the face, so it was a win :D