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The Affair: Week 6 - No Reservations

The Affair: Week 6 - No Reservations - Beth Kery They are getting better! Yay!
The sex is hot, there are no stupid comparisons or words that have nothing to do in a sex scene and not that much purple prose. I call this a win :D
In this instalment we have some drama and some lack of comunication, but it doesn't distract from the great sex :D

The Affair: Week 5 - Let Me Spoil You

The Affair: Week 5 - Let Me Spoil You - Beth Kery This one was so much better then the last one! No awkward phrasings, I don;t know if because they weren't there or because I skimmed :D

Exposed by Fate

Exposed by Fate - Tessa Bailey Buddy read with Sarah
I liked the story and I mostly liked the characters... That being said I think you're wandering why I gave it 3*. It would have been a 4* story if they ever TALKED about their feeling, the relationship, something relating to that! But they DIDN'T! I wanted to shout at them to just open their mouths and blurt it out, but I couldn't since, well, we're talking books here.

Night Shift

Night Shift - Milla Vane,  Ilona Andrews, Lisa Shearin, Nalini Singh Secrets at Midnight by Nalini Singh
As I said 1000 times before, Nalini can never disappoint me. Never! That being said, I loved Bastien’s story. He’s such a protective and cute dude, I can really see he’s Mercy’s brother. He’s a very sensual guy and Kirby is a very lucky girl *sigh*[I want one of Nalini’s heroes btw].
The story takes place during a few days. Bastien feels his mate close, but he can’t just find her. He can’t sleep, he’s cranky and to make matters worse, his mum cons him into coming to a “book club” where there are lots of single women. After he gets out of there by giving an elder packmate a lift, amazingly, he catches the scent of his elusive mate, exactly in front of the elder’s home.
From there, things proceed quickly. I felt they were a bit too quick, but it worked with the story so I’m not complaining. You definitely want to read this novella, especially because we see a bit of Lucas and Naya and Dorian and, obviously, Mercy and Bastien’s family.
Rating: 4.5*

Magic Steals by Ilona Andrews
This novella from the Kate universe continues Jim and Dali’s story. I have a feeling it takes place between “Magic Rises“ and “Magic Breaks”.
The novella starts with Dali making dinner. Those of you who’ve read the Kate Daniels series know how important this is in a shifter courtship. Vegetarian Dali is even cooking meat for Jim, dude this is important! Unfortunately the dinner doesn’t go as planed. First, Jim is dead tired, and after they catch some rest Dali’s mum comes to call! This kids just can’t catch a break =))
In this story we see a bit more about Dali’s heritage, her magic, and her relationship with Jim. Also, we get to experience her fear of not being good enough for Jim, which, since he’s a smart man, disabuses her of that stupid notion. Likewise we see some different facets of Jim: we see him being great with Dali and how freakily good he is undercover!
All in all I loved it!
Rating: 4.5*

The Affair: Week 4 - Forbidden Fruit

The Affair: Week 4 - Forbidden Fruit - Beth Kery It was a mostly ok read, the sex scenes had some BDSM lite aspects, the characters were good. It was all going well and then bam! poor word choices run us over again:
*who says "he sawed his finger in her" is he fucking cutting a tree?
*outside a sex scene "he palmed her jaw", it sounds so bad, how about a better synonym, please?
*"frothing boiling of lust" OMG kill me now!
*"Her flesh turned to warm, sweet syrup" what the hell?

If that shit didn't happen so often I would have given it a 3.5 even a 4* rating. But I repeat: what the hell?! I'll continue it since I'm curious and I'm also a glutton for punishment, I'm really hating those parts of me though. I need another break till I read part 5.

In conclusion:

All You Need is Love

All You Need is Love - Marie Force A lovely read! The entire Abbot family rocks!

To Tame a Countess

To Tame a Countess - Annabel Joseph 4.5*
I liked this one more then the 1st book.

Warren was a bit self-absorbed, but he had good intentions. I liked Josephine a lot, she tried to be "good", but damn it was too hard sometimes! :)) Ms Joseph writes compelling characters and I love the flow of her stories, she always gets me to connect with her "people". I can't wait for Lord Warren's sister, I truly wish the book would be published even sooner *sigh*

Hard as It Gets

Hard as It Gets - Laura Kaye 3.5*

Training Lady Townsend (Properly Spanked Book 1)

Training Lady Townsend (Properly Spanked Book 1) - Annabel Joseph It was a very fun story, as all stories from Annabel Joseph.
I liked how Hunter helped Aurelia enjoy life and have fun, though he was an asshole about things from time to time... Aurelia ended up being a great heroine, confident in herself and in what she wanted. They had their small misunderstandings, but in the end they TALKED and resolved everything.
I think the time period wasn't chosen that well. This straight laced were mainly the Victorians from what I know, but since she doesn't go into detail about the time period it doesn't really matter.
All in all, the love scenes were well written, Ms Joseph has a great imagination in using all available "instruments", the main and supporting characters are people who have the same problems that we do(more or less) and I can't wait to read the next books in the series.


Vincent - D.B. Reynolds 4.5*
Buddy read with Jo and Maru.
Maybe a review will come ;)

The Affair: Week 3 - Take A Chance

The Affair: Week 3 - Take A Chance - Beth Kery 3.75*
It's getting better.
The purple prose is still here *sigh*

The Affair: Week 2

The Affair: Week 2 - Beth Kery It usually is good, but unfortunately has attacks of purple prose, I don't think it can help itself... If the 3rd part has them as well, I'll have to take a break.

The Affair: Week 1 - You've Tantalized Me

The Affair: Week 1 - You've Tantalized Me - Beth Kery Nice start... I don't like the heroine, she seems to be a bit sanctimonious. I haven't seen enough of the hero to have an opinion yet. I also don't understand who the mysterious dude was, was it the hero or someone else?

Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11)

Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11) - Nalini Singh 2nd read: October 2014
Buddy read with Maru and Sarah
I love all the characters Nalini creates...

1st read: May 2012
I loved it! I know some people complained that it was slow at the start, that they hadn't cared about the main characters, but I absolutely loved everything! There isn't a thing that I disliked.

I loved:
-Riaz: he was a little bit of a bastard at the start, but as I read more I understood why so I forgave him fast :D he is so open and loving with Adria that it makes me love him even more then I thought I would
-Adria: we knew more about her story from Indy and Drew's book so I sympathized with her: trying to be less to please someone is utter bull, but when you think you love him/her and you feel indebted to him/her you do stupid things... The way she cared about Riaz, that she would have given him up and with him her happiness made me respect her a lot.
-The visits in Mercy and Riley's lives was great, it reminded me of how much I loved their relationship(and made me want to re-read their book:D), the same happened with Sienna and Hawke(to see them stable and growing to be so much more together then when they were apart was eye-opening; it also made me want to re-read their books:)) )
-Seeing more of Vasic and Aden, whom I both love and am fascinated with, made me a happy camper.
-Kaleb, I can't say enough about him :)) he just is... and I think the next full novel will be his(which will rock with action)
-Alice was also intriguing, I think what we can find out from her will be a stunner! I think she knows a lot about the Arrows, and the person who created them *cough*Zaid*cough*

I am running out of adjectives and adverbs here so I'll stop while I still have my dignity intact :D

How I looked after finishing the book[imagine a human instead of a cat, even though he isn't as cute]
From all of my raving above you can understand my main thought: I adore this series, those characters and Nalini Singh for creating them.


Cherished - Lexi Blake Lexi writes so fun heroes and heroines :) And also, IAN!!!!

Beyond Possession (Beyond, Novella #5.5)

Beyond Possession (Beyond, Novella #5.5) - Kit Rocha Buddy read with Jo
I loved it! The team Kit Rocha is amazing. If I weren't already a fan of the series, I would have been after this one. I enjoyed seeing glimpses of sector 4 through the eyes of someone not part of the gang.

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